Employee Owned Aircraft

I have an employee who has asked to fly his or her personal plane

What should I do?

Managing risk is one of the most difficult aspects of business life. If you are totally risk-averse, your company might answer a flat out "no" to letting an employee use their personal plane.

However, if you are an entrepreneur you are familiar with taking reasonable risks and probably want to reward and encourage that behavior in your company.

What are the benefits?

Hopefully after reading some of the information on our site, you have become familiar with some of the benefits of travel by personal plane. Here's a short reminder list:

  • Faster than automobile travel
  • Faster than the airlines on trips out to 500 - 600 miles (or longer depending on the destination)
  • Cheaper than the airlines with more than one traveler
  • Cheaper than the airlines with less than 7 days notice
  • More flexible scheduling
  • Less hassle
  • Ability to transport goods securely

How can I manage the risk?

There are several methods for mitigating the risk and they fall under the following broad categories -

  • Eliminate the highest risk activities (i.e. night flying)
  • Advanced training - or train to a level higher than the one being used
  • Restricting passengers
  • Controlled maintenance
  • Flight checks
  • Insurance

We typically recommend a mix of the above items in order to properly manage the risks involved. Horizons Aloft is ready, willing and able to work with your company in order to find the right right answer for your business.

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