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Can you allow your employees to use their personal plane for business?


Horizons Aloft

Aviation Experts for small business

What is the primary purpose of business travel?

Doing business, of course!

Let our consultants show you how a private aircraft can make your business more competitive.

Every major corporation has access to private aircraft. They understand that all the problems associated with airline travel costs the company productivity and therefore, money. It's time for small and medium businesses to leverage aviation like the biggest companies. And just like small companies are more agile with lower overhead than than their larger competitors, smaller aircraft are likewise more agile and less expensive than their jet-powered cousins. .

Horizons Aloft is an aviation consultancy that specifically shows small businesses all the ways that aviation can help realize savings in time and cost, while offering the highest quality in safety. Commercial airlines are in the business of moving a lot of people efficiently, which is not necessarily the most effective and/or efficient for your company. Aircraft brokers, dealers and self-appointed experts often have hidden agendas, however at Horizons Aloft your business and its unique needs are our only concern.

We understand the challenges and opportunities that are unique to the small business community. There are cost effective ways to get into aviation without having to spend millions on a private jet and professional pilot. Our mission is to find the perfect fit between the travel needs of your business and its travel budget. With a multitude of ownership, rental, and charter opportunities, there is no need to continue using a travel system that is not designed specifically for your needs and the needs of your customers.

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