Scheduling & Cost

Benefits of Using General Aviation - Flexible Scheduling & Fixed Costs

Fixed Costs

  • Known Costs
    • Maintenance, hangar, insurance and other fees are fixed, with the exception of fuel you will know your costs for each year
  • Last minute travel does not cost extra
    • Since fuel is the the only variable, last minute travel costs no more than a planned trip
  • Fill the seats at the same cost
    • You burn the same amount of fuel whether you have no passengers or a plane load
  • More use = less cost
    • Aircraft costs are typically based on per hour or per mile - with fuel being the only variable, its cheaper to fly more often

Flexible Scheduling

  • You are the master of your travel destiny
    • Your plane departs when you want it to depart and arrives when you need it
  • Last minute changes to destinations are no longer a problem and have no extra fees
  • Visit multiple customer locations in the order that makes the best use of your time


  • When you hold a business meetings in flight, you can maximize staff efficiency
  • Reduce the door to door travel time and free up your schedule to visit customers

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